Have you relocated?

Yes, we are now at 91/3 Bank Quarter, Devon Street West, at the back of COLAB or Arizona.  At present we are only open by appointment.

How do I know what size I am?

We have a detailed sizing chart and where each measurement should be taken from. We can not 100% guarantee that this will give you the exact size. If the jacket isn't correct you can return it within 7days for a full refund (if the jacket does not meet our refund requirements, you will not receive a refund and we can return the faulty jacket). For more details visit Return/Refund page.

Custom Jackets

Yes, we do make custom jackets. When ordering a custom jacket you can choose one of our designs and alter the pattern to suit you. This includes changing the collar, hemline, sleeve length and adding/removing darts. You also get to pick the Shell, Lining and if you wish to have a drawing added to the back. We only make custom jacket in store.

What does a custom jacket cost?

A custom jacket is the Jacket style you choose + $250.00. For example the Raymond Jacket style $449.99 + $250.00 = $699.99. This is a completely bespoke jacket made just for you. 

Made to Order Jackets

Yes, we also make made to order jackets. The difference between a made to order jacket and a custom are the alterations you can make. With made to order we you can alter the sleeve length and alter the bust size of the jacket style you choose. The rest of the jacket remains the same.

What does a made to order jacket cost?

A made to order jacket is the Jacket Style you choose + $100.00. For example the Raymond Jacket style $449.99 + $100.00 = $549.99. This is still a completely bespoke jacket made just for you. Just not as many alterations as a custom made jacket.

Can I Lay-by?

Yes you can lay-by, we require a 20% deposit and we will work out a payment plan that suits you. Please email louise@lushington.co.nz to sort out all the details.