About Us



Lushington creates Jackets that women want. Each style is classic and timeless and defines and flatters a woman's shape.  Lushington Jackets are simple in design but have a detailed focus on the cut, shape and tailoring that make Lushington stand out.

Lushington has it's flagship store in Taranaki with the beautiful boutique out the front and the open plan workroom out the back. Along with it's beautifully executed online platform. The boutique has been decorated perfectly in tune with the brand. Simple clean colours, statement pieces and an elegant french twist.



The story behind Lushington stems from Belinda’s maiden name. Lushington, dates back to the 1700’s with members of the clergy, barons and parliamentarian’s amongst the lineage.

A family tree so diverse coupled with an elaborate coat of arms, showcases aspiration, sophistication and refinement, all of which is reflected in your Lushington Jacket.

No two jackets are the same and are individually crafted with special touches giving you a truly bespoke piece. From the personalised contour drawings, gorgeous linings, distinctive lines, unique buttons and the signature Lushington Ring. A Lushington Jacket provides elegant details giving you a special piece of luxury in your wardrobe.

Invest in a timeless Lushington Jacket that will see you move from day to night effortlessly. A Lushington Jacket works in any situation in harmony with your distinct style.

Lushington is passionate about designing jackets tailored to suit not only your unique style but your body shape.

When you are looking to complete your outfit and keep your individual style – choose a Lushington Jacket.

Lushington Jackets are limited editions, so you can be assured that the jacket you choose will not be found on the masses adding to your personal style.

The true Lushington experience only begins once you have selected your jacket. As you anticipated the arrival of your Lushington Jacket, it will be delivered lovingly packaged by artisan Belinda Hunt. Open the exquisite box to find your Lushington Jacket embedded in beautiful tissue awaiting the moment you slip it onto your shoulders and relish the comfort, the craftsmanship, the personalised touches and design that is a Lushington Jacket.