Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials
One of our must have winter essentials is a winter coat. At Lushington we have a variety of styles in various fabrics. The Charles Jacket is different to our usual winter collection as we have made it up in a heavy cotton fabric rather then a wool.
Charles Jacket | Lushington Jackets | Winter Womens Jackets
The Charles Jacket is the perfect all season jacket.
  • In the colder seasons, layer up with the chunky knits and thermal tops. It's also great if you want a coat you don't have to take off indoors.
  • In the warmer seasons, when you need another layer or something a more formal then a cardigan, grab your Charles jacket.
This jacket also has some beautiful features on the sleeves, pockets and beautiful military styled buttons.
Charles Jacket | Detail and embroidery | Lushington Jackets
Charles Jacket | back Detail | Lushington Jackets
Charles Jacket | Collar | Lushington Jackets

Winter Essential: The Coat

This winter is all about the long coats in the subtle  and statement prints. Adding a long coat can take an ordinary outfit and give it a chic and stylish lift.
Lushington Jackets, The Coat, Winter Essentials

Winter Essential: The Ankle Boot

The Ankle boot should be a staple in every wardrobe. This season the pointed toe is very big, this look helps elongate the foot creating a slimmer and taller look.

Lushington Jackets, The Ankle Boot, Winter Essentials

Winter Essential: Statement Scarves

A scarf is always an investment in your wardrobe. This season big, chunky knit scarves are a real trend. Also finding them in unique colours; mustard or pastel pink really stand out.

Lushington Jackets, Statement Scarves, Winter Essentials


 What are your must have winter essentials?



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