Spring Florals

Spring Florals

Floral Spring Jacket | Lushington Jackets | Styling Womens jackets

Spring and Florals are like bread and butter. Florals are also a pattern that will never date and go out of fashion. Something that is new this season, Earth Tones; we find this trend can be a bit tricky to dress as the colour doesn't always suit everyone. 

Floral Print Womens Jacket | Lushington Jackets | Styling Womens Jackets

We have paired our Tobias Jacket in a beautiful soft pastel floral print with the khaki colour. The green in the skirt picks up the subtle green in the jacket. We have added these two together as they compliment each other as well as contrast each other. This pastel pink also gives the bold khaki skirt a feminine touch and softens the look.

Styling Floral Print | Lushington Jackets | Styling Womens Jackets

The gorgeous tan heels and using a red lipstick as a pop of colour also tie this look together. This outfit is perfect for work or by adding a sparkly necklace perfect for date night. You could wear this outfit a variety of different ways, adding black heels or changing the top to a blush pink. Mix and match this look to suit your wardrobe.

Florals and Khaki | Lushington Jackets | How to style Florals

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks styling post; we will have a new blog coming out each week! Next week, how to change from Winter into Spring!

Have you got a Lushington Jacket? If you do, show us how you style your gorgeous jacket.

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  • WOW! Love this Jacket! Incredible how this is shot in New Plymouth! Just beautiful.

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