Outfit Diaries: Christmas Edition

Outfit Diaries: Christmas Edition

What to wear this Christmas? We have three looks that you can create last minute and can wear all through summer! These outfits can be worn with any of the jackets and to any event. 

Look one!

Zaccheria Jacket | Summer jacket | Lushington Jackets

// Top // Skirt // Shoes \\ Jacket \\

Look Two!

Outfit Diaries | Summer Christmas Style | Lushington Jackets

// Top // Jeans // Shoes \\ Jacket \\

Look Three!

Summer Linen Blazer | Lushington Jackets | Style Diaries: Christmas Edition

// Dress // Shoes \\ Jacket \\

Hope you find this styling post useful and re create some of the looks! If you do share a post on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see how you style yours. Which outfit is your favourite? 

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